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Automatic disposable syringe packing machine

Date:  04-15-2021


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◎ The whole control system of the machine adopts PLC technology and frequency-converting speed adjustment. The control panel utilizes touch screen, on which all parameters are shown so that trouble points are reduced. Trouble shooting function is available and enables human-machine conversation.

◎ Main electrical units such as PLC, frequency converter, touch screen, and are all built up with components of top ranked international brands, high quality of which ensures performance stability of the whole machine.

◎ The temperature can be precisely controlled within 1°C deviation, so that even single film of 0.02mm thickness can realize perfect packaging effect.

◎ The utilization of forward & backward tracing, and precise photoelectric switches, ensures precision of tracing and accuracy of cutting. It guarantees complete, perfect out-looking and convenient adjustment. The function of fixed cutter suspension, which makes the cutter always stop at fixed position, effectively avoids film burning, and reduces materials wasting.

◎ Bags are filled full automatically and sealed at once instead of manual pre-fabricating. Cost and labor is greatly reduced, and production room gets much cleaner.

◎ Occurrence of bag and carton bulges is reduced, so that the appearance effect of out package is greatly enhanced.

Applicable to: disposable syringe and stomatological instruments etc.