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Red Ginseng Root Slice

Date:  03-04-2021


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1. Red ginseng is the ripe stuff of ginseng, and its processing method is after infiltration, cleaning, sorting, steaming, drying and other processes processing. In the steaming process of red ginseng, chemical reaction will take place because of heat treatment, and the composition will change. Dried red ginseng has a ruddy color and a strong smell.

2. Compared with white ginseng, red ginseng is denser, stronger and better storage.Red ginseng has the function of tonifying qi, nourishing Yin, benefiting blood, producing saliva, strengthening the heart, strengthening the stomach, sedation and so on.

3. Our Red ginseng is 5-6 years old or even longer.Gernerally speaking, 5 Years old roots means the red ginseng plant has reached maturity and maximal potency.

4. Our red ginseng can be used as medicine also can be used as food. You can add it with goji berry in your tea, porridge, the effect will be better.

5. The whole root and slice root we both have.We can provide the OEM service and would like to send some free sample for your testing.