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Top Best caravan & motor-home tape

Date:  03-04-2021


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????1.Description:Top Best Caravan Tape is a non-drying butyl sealant. It has excellent resistance to severe conditions of heat, cold and moisture. It is elastic and non shrink, can provide strong watertight adhesion and be used to bond dissimilar materials together (Metal, Wood, Glass, GRP, Plastics etc).To conclude it has properties as followed:?(1) nondrying /non hardening(2) UV resistant(3) anti corrosion(4) elastic and non shrink(5) weather resistant:will not cause staining and resistant to aging and weathering(6) can?be used to bond?dissimilar materials together (Metal, Wood, Glass, GRP, Plastics etc)???2.Application:??It is a?unique all purpose adhesive and sealant designed for the build and repair of caravans motorhomes and trailers. It is a professional grade that can be used externally and internally and bonds and seals in one operation.?This butyl?is used as a watrseal for sealing joints on roofs, panels, mouldings,?rooflights and service inlet points.????