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Toilet Paper Roll Making Machine

Date:  03-04-2021


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Features of Automatic Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Rewinding Making Machine:

1. Automatic toilet tissue paper making machine is fully automatic which includes core feeding system,log pusher after rewinding,edge-trimming,auto edge trimming,glue spraying and sealing.

2. Adopts international advanced PLC programable controlling technique.

3. Automatic toilet tissue paper making machine is economical and the machine is easy to operate.

4. This machine adopts 4 pieces high precision spiral knives,low noise and clear perforation.

5. Embossing unit: adopt point to point embossing rollers,making the driving flat belts.

6. Customization optional:

a, rewinding big head to produce Maxi Rolls and JRT rolls.

b, glue lamination unit to produce kicthen towel.

c, embossing unit.