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Porsche Ceramic Brake Pads

Date:  03-03-2021


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Width : 129.8 mm
Height: 80mm

Thickness : 16.8mm

Friction material: Ceramic

Porsche Coupe


1.Whether your brake pads with heavy metal?Whether with copper and chrome 6-free ?

Our brake pads without any heavy metal,it is chrome-6 free.Now we have brake pads without any copper.

2.What brake kits can u supply?

The brake kits like shim,alarm,springs etc can be supplied.

3.What workmanship make your brake pads with good quality?

Our brake pads are formed once by pressing,the shear strength is better than making it twice.

The brake pads should be processed with heat treatment,it will improve the friction coefficient,heat fade etc.The back plates will be powder coated to be rust resistance.

4.What test u will make to prove the quality.

We have test equipments like electronic balance,level measuring instrument etc to test the raw materials.

We have link and chase etc to test the brake pads.

We make tests strictly and regularly to prove good quality.