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Medical Summaries | Telegenisys Inc

Date:  2019-02-26


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Medical Summaries | Telegenisys Inc  Medical Summaries | Telegenisys Inc  

Telegenisys is a HIPAA Compliant company. Due to our deep engagement in healthcare delivery support, we have medical professionals from a variety of specializations available to review, organize and supervise data extraction and summary creation. Telegenisys has doctors and nurses available to support medical records summary staff when needed. This makes us far superior to other summary providers who rely on transcription staff or medical case reviewers without a medical background.

Telegenisys has highly trained medical professionals are available to review and provide expert opinions if required. Our APS department is focused on ZERO defects pledge signed by our summary creation staff.

Telegenisys can produce medical summaries for:

Improved healthcare delivery
Life and medical insurance
Legal professions
Pharma Research
Medical Labs and Pathology
Custom formats including specialized data extraction

Telegenisys has developed a variety of medical summary formats that clients can select from, which are:
Categorized by Disease or Chronic Conditions
Specific Disease of Incident Analysis
Life Certificates for Life Underwriting use
Categorized by Medical Billing Codes

Where these can be presented as:

1) Comprehensive
2) Annotative
3) Narrative
4) Analytical
5) Abbreviated

Why Sign up with Telegenisys:

1)HIPAA secured
2)Super Simple Delivery of Summaries : We deliver Medical Summaries in the format of client’s choice.
3)Rapid Turnaround Time: Summaries are generally turned-around within 2 business days. Urgent and custom SLA work is done within 6-12 hours of request.
4)Scalability: We can scale to your needs with planned experienced staffing ready to handle your work with precision and speed.

If you need more information or want to know how Telegenisys can help? Just Ask! and we will be happy to help you understand how we can help your needs.