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Automatic IC and RFID Read-Write Card Dispenser

Date:  01-26-2021


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We engaged in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of motor drive Automatic RF R/W Card Dispenser. RF card dispensers are widely used in car parking system and other card issuing machine.

The card dispenser machine WBCM-7300 series are the multi-functional card dispensers with contact IC card reader/writer and contactless IC card reader/writer. It can dispense the cards, receive the cards and capture the cards.

Card empty or less of card detecting function(The alarm can be set)

Professional and unique design of the card dispensing function, ensure the stable performance of card dispensing

Card thickness adjustment function to dispense the different cards

Feeding function can be set to allow or prohibit for different applications

Error card bin function to collect the disabled cards

Multi card stop position to meet the various requirements

SIM card module function on the main board for special use


Car parking system

Card issuing machine

Card vending system for high-way

Self-service access control system for hotels

Batch cards initializing system

Price is negotiated.