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Al Cu Steel Brazing Rod brazing Ring brazing filler metal brazing welding

Date:  01-21-2021


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Yuguang welding company provide different Al Cu shapes brazing materials: Ring, Rod, Square Rod,Roll,Wire etc. Which are used in welding al-al,al-cu,al-ss. It will be no extra flux required when operating.

We can provide quality brazing materials and Application for low temperature or higher termperature. Copper brazing rod, Aluminum flux cored rod, zinc aluminum rod etc.

Al Cu Steel Welding Rod And RingFor example:


Alloys:Al Si

Flux: KALF4, CsALF4

Brazing Tem. Range(℃): 570-590

Applicance: Al-Al


Alloys:Al Zn

Flux: KALF4, CsALF4

Brazing Tem. Range(℃): 410-450

Applicance: Al-Al, Al-Cu,Al-Sus