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Pure f1 male and female savannah kittens still available

Date:  2018-11-21


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Pure f1 male and female savannah kittens still available  

2 male and female f1 savannah kittens still available. These kittens are
from TICA registered parents . Each and every kitten will also receive
their papers upon proof of neutering or spaying. These kittens are pet
only. And priced as such. The mother is a brown spotted and the father
is a silver spotted seal point snow. Please do your research on the savannah breed before contacting me. These cats are HIGH energy and
require a good grain and egg free diet high in protein. All of these
kittens are fully litter trained. Also they are perfect for those who
are allergic to cats because unlike other cats they are pelted and there
for shed very little. They are hypoallergenic in the same way a poodle
or schnauzer is. Also they tend to be very fascinated with water and
will even play in it:) They can very easily be taught to fetch as well.
In a nut shell they have an almost dog like personality. They will bond
to their owner and follow you around call or text 915-671-0920

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