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Computerized Vacuum Vulcanizing Shaping Machine

Date:  01-16-2021


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This machine is a layered shoe-case type and assembly-line vacuum wrinkle-removeing and shaping machine, which is used to smooth the wrinkle and shape upper surface after lasting. It adopts German technology in production and so features high efficiency, energy conservation and eco-friendliness.Features and Advantages:
1.It uses most advanced German microwave nano dual-circulation vulcanizing shaping system.2.It uses the most advanced German SCP energy-saving system which is more stable and more energy efficient than convinient than conventional contactors.3.Steam softiening shaping systems.4.It uses German CTU wrinkle-removing dual circulation system with more appatent wrinkle-removing effect.5.The vacuun forming system has a quick speed.6.The cooling shaping system is more stable.7.The automatic lifting trolley in and out system is easier to opetate.8.Its lowest power consumption is 4-6 kwh of electricity per hour,saving more than 70% of the energe compared with traditional vacuum vulcanizing machine and heat shaping machine.9. It can reach the best shaping effect with a vulcanizing time of 8-16 minutes.10. Its lowest power consuption is 2-4minutes,can reach the best shaping effect.Specifications:
Product model: LH-133A
Product name: Vacuum Vulcanizing Shaping Machine
Voltage: 380V
Function:Shoes shaping&wrinkle removing
Machine Dimensions: 840X650X18000(mm)
Package Dimensions: 940X750X1900(mm)
Warranty:1 Year Applications:
For shoes wrinkle-removeing and shaping Service:
Our product is guaranteed for one year.