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Passive Income funnel - in - plug in

Date:  05-24-2020


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Passive Income funnel - in - plug in  

This is brand new wordpress plugin that creates a complete list building funnel in the niche specially on the hot topic of passive income with in just a few clicks.

As we know that setting a new funnel is not so easy cause while setting new funnel we have to
* Create give away report.
* Make a graphic cover.
* Design a high converting squeeze page.
* Create redirect page and monetize download page/
* Add all the required legal pages
* Write a follow up email sequence that keeps subscriber engaged.

If you purchase this software it will just do all the things all you have to do is just one click
* Just by filling a new fields and clicking Publish users will have
a full funnel complete with.
* Quality give away report.
* Fully response squeeze page
* Redirect page going to a related affiliate offer (with their link)
* Monetized download page

If you want to purchase just click the link down below: